Support The Scene?!?!

So lately I have been noticing more & more comments being made about supporting the local music scene. Whether it be heard or seeing some post about it on social Media.
A lot of these are made with good intentions, so that’s the plus side of it. The negative side is what I wanna talk about. I read a lot of negative stuff about how no one is supporting the local scene. Define this for me. What is considered support? Is it just attending shows? Buying merch? Promoting? I am a father. I work a full-time job. Most of the time my weekends are full with my kids or my job or sometimes both. Do I get out and see as many local shows as I’d like? HELL NO! I wish I could see a lot more than I do. But the fact of the matter is, my family and responsibilities are and will always be first. I know that there are other people in this same boat too. We make as many shows as we can, when we can.  Now this is in no way personal to me. I haven’t been called out for “not supporting” or anything like that. But even if I were, that would be fine. I do every thing I can and I know a lot of others do as well. So what’s the definition of supporting the scene I ask again? We promote by posting and re-posting on Facebook and Twitter(even if we can’t attend). Isn’t that supporting? We buy shirts and CD’s. That’s supporting right? Do I personally wanna see a band I like EVERY weekend? Nope. I may even love the band, but I don’t wanna get burned out on the same ol’ thing. Also I wanna see that band break out and hit the road, because that’s exciting. I’m pulling for that band to tear other cities a new one! Some people get pissed or threatened when a touring band rolls through and we hear the whole thing all over again. “SUPPORT LOCAL BANDS”!! What should we do? Lock up our cities and don’t allow touring bands in? Well what if you wanted to get in a van and play some other Cities? You’re not a local band there, should you be welcome there? Or will you even play anywhere else? I really don’t understand why there has to be so much negativity surrounding such a wonderful gift of music. It truly baffles me. Venue owners get called out just as often as the fans if not more. What I see here and other cities as well shows me that the venue owners do a pretty damn good job on booking talented bands local and tour.  One tour band on a bill vs. 3-4 local bands. Looks pretty good to me. For the most part I think about 90-95% of bands are not the problem, it’s the other 5-10% that bring out the negativity on this subject. Look, every band is a “Local” band somewhere. Another thing that bothers me about this, is the lack of kinship that Should exist in the music community. Bands supporting other bands, not bashing them, or trying to sabotage them. This weekend I was extremely happy to see the unity between 4 bands Friday and 4 separate bands Saturday. Each band there in support of all the bands on the bill. It was a great thing to see. I see this type of thing more than not. So one more time… What else can we do to support? Some of us can do a lot more than others, but I know we ALL do every damn thing that we can. Some can attend all shows, some only a few. Some can’t buy much merch, some own it all. It’s not so much about Supporting LOCAL MUSIC. How about just SUPPORT MUSIC….. Like I said Every band is a local band somewhere. Erase the lines and borders. Whether you know it or not we are all in this together. Especially in the Rock Scene. Remember, we are the outcasts of music. The misfits. The degenerates. Us against them right? Maybe you’re not happy about pay or the crowd that you’re pulling. Look inward for once, maybe you’re not as good as you think you are. Maybe you have become complacent and stale. Shake things up a bit and get outta that box you’ve stuck yourself in.  I hear all the time ” I’m so lucky, I get to play music because I love too” then turn around and hear the complaining….. Are you really playing for the love of it or to be a Rockstar? I know this little rant won’t change a thing, but I hope it makes sense to somebody. Maybe someday we will ALL support one another and things can really just be about the music. Until then I am gonna keep supporting Rock here in New Mexico,  and over in Texas.  Out in Cali, and down under in Australia. I will keep supporting and promoting all over the damn world. Why would I limit myself to just one city? Why would you? Keep Rockin Motherfuckers.
Charlie M.F. Owens
The Hellion Rocks
Rock U-Night

2 thoughts on “Support The Scene?!?!

  1. When people say things, especially to a dude like you, like “you don’t support local music”, they always mean you’re not shoving all your money into that individual’s palm.

    As I’ve been doing this band thing a couple years now, the growth has been quick and I’ve come to realize those people from work I invite or those other folks that always say they’ll come never do. Instead I end up meeting dudes like you and James and gaining fans. Those people who truly love music are always seen around at the shows they can support. You guys are the guys with our shirts (I mean locals), our CDs, giving us publicity, and to us that means a ton.

    You do much more than most, people just expect everyone to be out on a Monday night to watch them shit out a set at Hooligans, and it doesn’t matter who you are, most people aren’t going to do that.

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