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Support The Scene?!?!

So lately I have been noticing more & more comments being made about supporting the local music scene. Whether it be heard or seeing some post about it on social Media.
A lot of these are made with good intentions, so that’s the plus side of it. The negative side is what I wanna talk about. I read a lot of negative stuff about how no one is supporting the local scene. Define this for me. What is considered support? Is it just attending shows? Buying merch? Promoting? I am a father. I work a full-time job. Most of the time my weekends are full with my kids or my job or sometimes both. Do I get out and see as many local shows as I’d like? HELL NO! I wish I could see a lot more than I do. But the fact of the matter is, my family and responsibilities are and will always be first. I know that there are other people in this same boat too. We make as many shows as we can, when we can.  Now this is in no way personal to me. I haven’t been called out for “not supporting” or anything like that. But even if I were, that would be fine. I do every thing I can and I know a lot of others do as well. So what’s the definition of supporting the scene I ask again? We promote by posting and re-posting on Facebook and Twitter(even if we can’t attend). Isn’t that supporting? We buy shirts and CD’s. That’s supporting right? Do I personally wanna see a band I like EVERY weekend? Nope. I may even love the band, but I don’t wanna get burned out on the same ol’ thing. Also I wanna see that band break out and hit the road, because that’s exciting. I’m pulling for that band to tear other cities a new one! Some people get pissed or threatened when a touring band rolls through and we hear the whole thing all over again. “SUPPORT LOCAL BANDS”!! What should we do? Lock up our cities and don’t allow touring bands in? Well what if you wanted to get in a van and play some other Cities? You’re not a local band there, should you be welcome there? Or will you even play anywhere else? I really don’t understand why there has to be so much negativity surrounding such a wonderful gift of music. It truly baffles me. Venue owners get called out just as often as the fans if not more. What I see here and other cities as well shows me that the venue owners do a pretty damn good job on booking talented bands local and tour.  One tour band on a bill vs. 3-4 local bands. Looks pretty good to me. For the most part I think about 90-95% of bands are not the problem, it’s the other 5-10% that bring out the negativity on this subject. Look, every band is a “Local” band somewhere. Another thing that bothers me about this, is the lack of kinship that Should exist in the music community. Bands supporting other bands, not bashing them, or trying to sabotage them. This weekend I was extremely happy to see the unity between 4 bands Friday and 4 separate bands Saturday. Each band there in support of all the bands on the bill. It was a great thing to see. I see this type of thing more than not. So one more time… What else can we do to support? Some of us can do a lot more than others, but I know we ALL do every damn thing that we can. Some can attend all shows, some only a few. Some can’t buy much merch, some own it all. It’s not so much about Supporting LOCAL MUSIC. How about just SUPPORT MUSIC….. Like I said Every band is a local band somewhere. Erase the lines and borders. Whether you know it or not we are all in this together. Especially in the Rock Scene. Remember, we are the outcasts of music. The misfits. The degenerates. Us against them right? Maybe you’re not happy about pay or the crowd that you’re pulling. Look inward for once, maybe you’re not as good as you think you are. Maybe you have become complacent and stale. Shake things up a bit and get outta that box you’ve stuck yourself in.  I hear all the time ” I’m so lucky, I get to play music because I love too” then turn around and hear the complaining….. Are you really playing for the love of it or to be a Rockstar? I know this little rant won’t change a thing, but I hope it makes sense to somebody. Maybe someday we will ALL support one another and things can really just be about the music. Until then I am gonna keep supporting Rock here in New Mexico,  and over in Texas.  Out in Cali, and down under in Australia. I will keep supporting and promoting all over the damn world. Why would I limit myself to just one city? Why would you? Keep Rockin Motherfuckers.
Charlie M.F. Owens
The Hellion Rocks
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London’s Dungeon, a true story.


I first heard the name at Rocklahoma 2011. I met London and Angee the year before at ROK and we hit it off like ya do at a crazy Rock festival (dig them two). Whilst standing in some random line in 2011 the 3 of us were chatting about what else, music and bands. London very subtlety mentions to me that he has something brewing. My interest was piqued and told him to let me know when it came to fruition. And we all went on and rocked our asses off the rest of the weekend. Fast forward to Rocklahoma 2012. The “idea” that London had mentioned to me last year, had taken form and was here to play at this Festival. Where else to start this thing off right? And at Camp Jager to boot. Now I must admit, and I will be totally honest here, I wasn’t exactly sold when I first SAW them. My initial thought was I’m looking at 4 guys who don’t look like they are in a band together and one of them is wearing a chicken suit!!?? Looked like they were having fun, just wasn’t sure about the music yet. (Mind you, this was my first thought). BUT I HADN’T SEEN THEM PLAY YET. So many beers and shots later I wandered back over to Camp Jager and caught maybe half of the last song from them before I realized it was them. I knew I had just missed something really cool. Fast forward a bit later in 2012 and I start to see more and more about them playing here, playing there, playing at a grocery store. YEAH! Who does that?!?! London’s Dungeon does! As I watched from afar for the remainder of 2012 I saw something really cool happen. This band started picking up steam like crazy. All the while getting familiar with their tunes. I saw a band that was working their asses off for everything. REALLY working! What came next was really cool as well. I watched them pick up shows from East Texas all the way to Los Angeles in a few short weeks on their way to NAMM. Along the way They made a stop here(Albuquerque) to play a gig at Hooligans and I FINALLY got to see an entire show! I can truthfully say I was more than pleased. The energy. The confidence. The musicianship. THE FUN. I love a band that really brings the audience into the show. They really know how to that! They will come out to you, and you will get up on stage with them, and you will sing along with the band and a few of you might even get some impromptu bass lessons. This band knows how to light up a crowd and get everybody moving. On to NAMM. Good thing I was headed out there myself, cuz I needed to deliver some cymbals that we all forgot were still in my car by the time they were long gone. I know they picked up several shows while out there. Funny thing…. My first time to L.A. a city full of millions… and I keep running into LD. That shit means something to me. We are supposed to be in each others lives. They play California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas on the way back home. Pretty successful little tour if ya ask me. Let’s fast forward one more time… March 2013 rolls around and here they come again. This time they bring a crew of bands with em. Crashdiet, Crucified Barbara, and Snakeskyn Whiskey. Two nights of party and great music. 
On to the future….
In a short amount of time London’s Dungeon has picked up an enormous amount of traction and attention. They have played with The likes of Faster Pussycat, Crashdiet, Crucified Barbara, Snakeskyn Whiskey, Saliva, just to name a few. They are playing festivals this year and I know will be playing alongside some killer bands. (I know something you don’t know,tee hee).
London’s Dungeon is Troy Knight, Roy Pellerin, Pierce VR, and Paul London. I am very glad that I have not only gotten to know them as London’s Dungeon, but as people too.
Great fukkin bunch of guys. Friends.
The Magic maker behind the scenes… The Glampress. Angee Eckhout. For those of you not aware, in my humble opinion, as far as managers go she is the hardest working mutha out there. She won’t take no for an answer and she won’t take your bullshit. Hats off to her as well! Friend.
Well there’s more to the story of this band, this is just the part that I can tell. From my view. They tell the rest with their music. 
In closing, I am completely impressed with LD and I highly recommend to you the reader: If you’re a fan, listen to them and buy the merch. If you’re a band, Play with them. If you’re a promoter/Venue,BOOK THEM! 
London's Dungeon 026London's Dungeon 025London's Dungeon 020London's Dungeon 014London's Dungeon 003581660_10151582531676908_831488706_n575964_10151476466379754_1853093363_n 
This story isn’t over. It just started.
Charlie M.F. Owens
The Hellion Rocks
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DSC09326    DSC09697
When I first realized I would be headed to NAMM 2013, I was overwhelmed with a sense of awe. The idea of being in such an environment was, and still is, a very exciting one to me. I had NO idea what we were in for. For the last 3+ years I have been a part of BleachBANGS radio, and in the recent past year also “The Hellion Rocks” and “Rock U-Night”. We have never looked at ourselves as “Big time” or anything along those lines. I have had many great opportunities to talk with and hang out with a lot of musicians that I grew up with over the years. I have been in many places that a guy like me should never be in. VIP spots, backstage with no pass, on tour buses  private parties etc… That is not me bragging, on the contrary, realizing how lucky and blessed I have been. It has been a lot of work. Anyway, that being said, you would think that I would have been completely prepared for the whole NAMM thing right? After breezing through check in with absolute ease, it all hit me like a ton of bricks. I was NOT prepared for the sheer magnitude of this. EVERYWHERE you look there is something for everyone. From towers of drums and cymbals, to rows of guitars and amps, and pianos, soundboards, and bongos, and something called The slaparoo… 3 full floors and a basement of anything you can imagine musically, and even some things you can’t.
  This being our first run at NAMM (the Hellion), I believe the first 4 hours we were just like deer in headlights, I know I was anyway. We started to get our groove on and jumped into a few quick interviews. Aria was our first stop, followed by a few others. First day just kind of getting our feet wet. The stop at The Aria booth was definitely the highlight of that working day. We got to check out the Cliff Burton signature bass. Only 100 of these made. I got to handle the prototype! I make no apologies for being geeked out by this stuff. I’m no big shot, certain things still make me feel like a teenager again. As you will see in the attempt at discussing said bass. Luckily the man behind the design and build of this instrument stepped in and saved the day by giving a complete run down of this beauty. Thank you James Chen!! http://www.ariaguitars.com/ . Both videos can be seen at www.rockunight.com.
DSC09358There are two different sides to NAMM. The 8 a.m.-6 p.m. side. Mostly all business. Interviews. Making contacts. Selling. Buying. Sponsoring musicians. Getting sponsored by an endorser.  Trust me though this “job” is too much fun.

DSC00483I would like to talk a little more about the other side of NAMM. The not working but still kinda working side.
When the doors close at the Convention center a whole new atmosphere erupts every day. Exclusive parties, concerts, after parties, after after parties. The entire city is buzzing with the same idea in mind… Kick back, have a few drinks and mingle among people that have the same mindset. Now I put down my camera and let the work Charlie off. For me it was time to talk to people, drink those aforementioned drinks and let loose a bit. This is how I “work”. I don’t care much for the stuffiness of the other way. Friday night we headed over to Malone’s http://malonesbarandgrill.com/ to catch a few bands and some dear friends of ours http://www.eddiesmates.com/. As you will see, or have seen, my co-hort James never let the camera go. James snapped about a billion pics between Heretic, Death Alley Motor Cult, and Phantom-X. I caught most of each set as I wandered to and fro. chatting with locals and out- of- towners alike. This is the fun way to make contacts and “work”. Shout out to Steve Wadleigh of Music Scene Magazine.

http://www.musicscenemag.com/. Another one just supporting the scene any way he can. As you will see and read from a lot of what James will be putting out we did do as much as we could. Overwhelmed is an understatement. I think we did okay for 2 guys and a camera. My view of NAMM is the nightlife and the camaraderie of all these hundreds and thousands of people. What brought us all together for a week in Anaheim? Music. That is purely what it is all about. The hard work, the parties, the concerts, the after after parties. All revolving around the Music. I am not much of a writer. I am just typing what i am thinking. So I know this rambles, but I just want the reader to understand that the whole vibe at NAMM  is absolutely 100% insane. That good kind. The music and memories stay with us forever. Thank you to all that made our first trip completely unforgettable.
 DSC03117 DSC03277 DSC02219 DSC00537
Cheers, Charlie MF Owens
The Hellion Rocks

Charlie’s tops of 2012

So my editor and brother The Hellion asked me to do a write-up of MY album of 2012. Well if you know me at all, you know it’s impossible for me to pick a favorite anything.

So instead this is what you’re gonna get. My top 4 (In no particular order) albums and bands that made a massive impact on me in 2012.

First up — Ragdoll
Here Today
5 Track EP
One of my favorite things happening today is the EP. If the formula is right, it is a wonderful thing to hear. Ragdoll got the formula just right! They come right out of the gate with “Here Today” and get the listener stuck in the grove right along with the band. The song “Heaven Above” is probably on of my favorite songs. It’s not what you’re thinking though. This is all original. I also had the chance to hang out a bit with these guys in May. Was fortunate to catch a very exclusive and intimate show while they were at a friend’s house (Michael d’Avignon) in Oklahoma. That included some of their tunes, then things just got silly, with requests from us and everyone singing along. That was very cool. Fun times! Then later that weekend Preformances at Rocklahoma. WOW! They had already blown us away, and to get to see them do the same thing to a bunch of crazy fans was
a treat itself. This 3 piece, Rydash, Leon, and Cam has won me over instantly. Like it says on their website…” Rock N Roll like it should be”. Here’s Leon and Ryan gettin’ down with us as backup singers.

Next up — Babyjane
11 Track album

After these guys hit my radar with their first album “Are you listening?” It’s been a love affair with the tunes they are putting out. I swear the first album was the ONLY album I listened to for an entire 2 months after first receiving it. Looks like the sophomore effort is following suit. I’m not gonna name every song here and go through them. Couple of my favorites though, “Make It Sick” (featuring John Corabi on vox) Just comes fucking screaming through the door! “She’s just a liar” This song is very catchy and just has a great Rock n Roll feeling to it. This album is amazing from start to finish. I haven’t seen Babyjane live yet, but I am hoping to change that in 2013. Highly recommend “Make It Sick”!! You will not be disappointed.

Next up is The Last Vegas
12 Track album

I have been knowing about these dudes for a few years now, so it was safe to say that when I caught a show of theirs here in Albuquerque I would not be disappointed. I was right. So would the same be said if I bought their new album? Yeah most definitely! This thing is ripping. Chock full of sleazy, groovy, bluesy, and intense straight up Rock n Roll. ” She’s my confusion” is hands down my favorite on this album. BUT THERE ARE SO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM!! This band has outdone themselves with this outing for sure. Get this album or miss out sucker!

Last but certainly not least — Sunset Riot
6 Track EP

I guess it’s no secret to anyone that pays any attention to anything I have to say that Sunset Riot has been one of my favorite bands to come along in the last 10 years. Well I can honestly say they brought an inspiration back into my life that I thought was gone. Over the last couple of years we have grown from strangers meeting in a Wal-Mart parking lot, to friends, and now to family. But that is NOT why “Uprising” is on my list. It’s here because the music got it here. It is just true blue Rock n Roll any way ya look at it. Nothing fancy, no bells and whistles. Just down and dirty Rock.
I have seen these boys play several times in 2012 and I know from experience that the awesome feeling that comes trough when they are on stage also exudes from the album when you hit play. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it agin… These guys know what they are doing. “Uprising” Takes you on a little trip of things that are common to us all, from “Somethings gotta give” to “Mama Said” and to the beautiful “Stir Crazy”. Even My sister loves this album! (and she is not a rocker) LOL!

So in closing. The reason I picked these bands and these albums is simple. Each one has me singing along, pumping my fists, and makes me feel like I did when I was that 14-year-old kid in my room with the stereo cranked. Playing air guitar and practicing my moves in the mirror. And maybe I still do that from time to time because of bands like the above.  Thank you Ragdoll, Babyjane, The Last Vegas, and Sunset Riot.

Cheers! Charlie M.F. Owens

Jack Russell’s Great White 11/16/12 Farmington NM Show Review!!

What can I say? Jack IS back, and Jack has Still got it!! After having The Captain on BleachBANGS earlier in the year I have been hoping for a show close enough to me, so I could witness this first hand. Derrick Pontier, Robbie Lochner,Dario Seixas, Matthew Johnson, and Jack Russell took to the stage and I was immediately transported to another place, where nothing mattered except the music and the feeling. From tracks like “Down on your knees” to classics like “Save your love” and “Rock Me”, not a single stage in Jack’s catalog was missed. The Band was Rad! I had high expectations, and they exceeded those by far. Not only with their musicianship and professionalism, but the chemistry as well. Jack himself was everything and more. You know how you’ve admired someone and their talent for so many years and then you finally get to see it for yourself and you are disappointed? NOT THE CASE HERE..AT ALL.  Jack sounded better than ever. I was busy snapping pics and “working the show” for coverage, but there were so MANY times I got completely lost in the performance. Truly lost. I drove 3 hours to make this show, and EVERY minute was worth it. Big thanks to Valerie for making this easier…I owe you. THIS IS GREAT WHITE.

Charlie Owens
The Hellion Rocks
Rock U-Night