London’s Dungeon, a true story.


I first heard the name at Rocklahoma 2011. I met London and Angee the year before at ROK and we hit it off like ya do at a crazy Rock festival (dig them two). Whilst standing in some random line in 2011 the 3 of us were chatting about what else, music and bands. London very subtlety mentions to me that he has something brewing. My interest was piqued and told him to let me know when it came to fruition. And we all went on and rocked our asses off the rest of the weekend. Fast forward to Rocklahoma 2012. The “idea” that London had mentioned to me last year, had taken form and was here to play at this Festival. Where else to start this thing off right? And at Camp Jager to boot. Now I must admit, and I will be totally honest here, I wasn’t exactly sold when I first SAW them. My initial thought was I’m looking at 4 guys who don’t look like they are in a band together and one of them is wearing a chicken suit!!?? Looked like they were having fun, just wasn’t sure about the music yet. (Mind you, this was my first thought). BUT I HADN’T SEEN THEM PLAY YET. So many beers and shots later I wandered back over to Camp Jager and caught maybe half of the last song from them before I realized it was them. I knew I had just missed something really cool. Fast forward a bit later in 2012 and I start to see more and more about them playing here, playing there, playing at a grocery store. YEAH! Who does that?!?! London’s Dungeon does! As I watched from afar for the remainder of 2012 I saw something really cool happen. This band started picking up steam like crazy. All the while getting familiar with their tunes. I saw a band that was working their asses off for everything. REALLY working! What came next was really cool as well. I watched them pick up shows from East Texas all the way to Los Angeles in a few short weeks on their way to NAMM. Along the way They made a stop here(Albuquerque) to play a gig at Hooligans and I FINALLY got to see an entire show! I can truthfully say I was more than pleased. The energy. The confidence. The musicianship. THE FUN. I love a band that really brings the audience into the show. They really know how to that! They will come out to you, and you will get up on stage with them, and you will sing along with the band and a few of you might even get some impromptu bass lessons. This band knows how to light up a crowd and get everybody moving. On to NAMM. Good thing I was headed out there myself, cuz I needed to deliver some cymbals that we all forgot were still in my car by the time they were long gone. I know they picked up several shows while out there. Funny thing…. My first time to L.A. a city full of millions… and I keep running into LD. That shit means something to me. We are supposed to be in each others lives. They play California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas on the way back home. Pretty successful little tour if ya ask me. Let’s fast forward one more time… March 2013 rolls around and here they come again. This time they bring a crew of bands with em. Crashdiet, Crucified Barbara, and Snakeskyn Whiskey. Two nights of party and great music. 
On to the future….
In a short amount of time London’s Dungeon has picked up an enormous amount of traction and attention. They have played with The likes of Faster Pussycat, Crashdiet, Crucified Barbara, Snakeskyn Whiskey, Saliva, just to name a few. They are playing festivals this year and I know will be playing alongside some killer bands. (I know something you don’t know,tee hee).
London’s Dungeon is Troy Knight, Roy Pellerin, Pierce VR, and Paul London. I am very glad that I have not only gotten to know them as London’s Dungeon, but as people too.
Great fukkin bunch of guys. Friends.
The Magic maker behind the scenes… The Glampress. Angee Eckhout. For those of you not aware, in my humble opinion, as far as managers go she is the hardest working mutha out there. She won’t take no for an answer and she won’t take your bullshit. Hats off to her as well! Friend.
Well there’s more to the story of this band, this is just the part that I can tell. From my view. They tell the rest with their music. 
In closing, I am completely impressed with LD and I highly recommend to you the reader: If you’re a fan, listen to them and buy the merch. If you’re a band, Play with them. If you’re a promoter/Venue,BOOK THEM! 
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This story isn’t over. It just started.
Charlie M.F. Owens
The Hellion Rocks
Rock U-Night

Jack Russell’s Great White 11/16/12 Farmington NM Show Review!!

What can I say? Jack IS back, and Jack has Still got it!! After having The Captain on BleachBANGS earlier in the year I have been hoping for a show close enough to me, so I could witness this first hand. Derrick Pontier, Robbie Lochner,Dario Seixas, Matthew Johnson, and Jack Russell took to the stage and I was immediately transported to another place, where nothing mattered except the music and the feeling. From tracks like “Down on your knees” to classics like “Save your love” and “Rock Me”, not a single stage in Jack’s catalog was missed. The Band was Rad! I had high expectations, and they exceeded those by far. Not only with their musicianship and professionalism, but the chemistry as well. Jack himself was everything and more. You know how you’ve admired someone and their talent for so many years and then you finally get to see it for yourself and you are disappointed? NOT THE CASE HERE..AT ALL.  Jack sounded better than ever. I was busy snapping pics and “working the show” for coverage, but there were so MANY times I got completely lost in the performance. Truly lost. I drove 3 hours to make this show, and EVERY minute was worth it. Big thanks to Valerie for making this easier…I owe you. THIS IS GREAT WHITE.

Charlie Owens
The Hellion Rocks
Rock U-Night