Jack Russell’s Great White 11/16/12 Farmington NM Show Review!!

What can I say? Jack IS back, and Jack has Still got it!! After having The Captain on BleachBANGS earlier in the year I have been hoping for a show close enough to me, so I could witness this first hand. Derrick Pontier, Robbie Lochner,Dario Seixas, Matthew Johnson, and Jack Russell took to the stage and I was immediately transported to another place, where nothing mattered except the music and the feeling. From tracks like “Down on your knees” to classics like “Save your love” and “Rock Me”, not a single stage in Jack’s catalog was missed. The Band was Rad! I had high expectations, and they exceeded those by far. Not only with their musicianship and professionalism, but the chemistry as well. Jack himself was everything and more. You know how you’ve admired someone and their talent for so many years and then you finally get to see it for yourself and you are disappointed? NOT THE CASE HERE..AT ALL.  Jack sounded better than ever. I was busy snapping pics and “working the show” for coverage, but there were so MANY times I got completely lost in the performance. Truly lost. I drove 3 hours to make this show, and EVERY minute was worth it. Big thanks to Valerie for making this easier…I owe you. THIS IS GREAT WHITE.

Charlie Owens
The Hellion Rocks
Rock U-Night